My Old Man

作词:Niko Moon,Ben Simonetti,Zac Brown

作曲:Ben Simonetti,Niko Moon,Zac Brown

所属专辑:Just Country

标签: 乡村 亲情 英语 驾车 父亲节


歌曲名 My Old Man 歌手名 Zac Brown Band

作词:Ben Simonetti+Niko Moon+Zac Brown

作曲:Ben Simonetti+Niko Moon+Zac Brown

He was a giant

And I was just a kid

I was always trying

To do everything he did

I can still remember every lesson he taught me

Growing up learning how to be like my old man

He was a lion

We were our father's pride

But I was defiant

When he made me walk the line

He knew how to lift me up

And when to let me fall

Looking back he always had a plan

My old man

My old man

Feel the callous on his hands

And dusty overalls

My old man

Now I finally understand

I have a lot to learn

From my old man

Now I'm a giant

Got a son of my own

He's always trying

To go everywhere I go

Do the best I can to raise him up the right way

Hoping that he someday wants to be

Like his old man

My old man

I know one day we'll meet again

As he's looking down

My old man

I hope he's proud of who I am

I'm trying to fill the boot of my old man

My old man