Several Shades of Why



所属专辑:Several Shades of Why

标签: 摇滚 英语 另类摇滚


歌曲名 Several Shades of Why

歌手名 J Mascis

作曲:J Mascis

There's no peace little comfort no one's shoulder

Not a wrinklings of a time that made you colder

I'm not saying much I tried hard that's all I do

Tried and waited then got tired that's about it

With my time

With my time

Got to wait this time

Why should I have time to answer

Several shades of why

I can't go back it's faster

Don't expect it 'cause the ending's a disaster

Nothing nothing nothing man a little laughter

With my time

With my time

Gone at it the wrong way

Thought I'd find out but I missed it

If I make it through I'll run and stop the twistin'

Way I steered us off'll lose it just to give in

Hell may not dwell on the dead

How about the living

With my time

With my time