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歌曲名 Styrofoam

歌手名 Ashley McBryde

In 1941 a physicist named Ray McEntire

Rediscovered a method first discovered

by Carl Munters

An inventor from Sweden you knew that right

Yeah I looked it up

Anyway ol' Ray found a way to make large quantities

Of extrudent polystyrene in a closed-cell foam form

That was resistant to moisture

But you and I know it as styrofoam

Which reminds me tonight on my way home

I need to hit the Kwik Sak

And for five bucks I got myself a portable box

I can fill with ice and keep all my Natty Lights

Nice and cold

You gotta love styrofoam

You can cram it down in your flower pots

Get it in peanut form and fill up a box

So that the crappy ash tray

that your kid made in class

To send to Grandpappy

don't get cracked along the way

Hey it's also used to make rafts for the US Military

I'm for anything that supports the US Military

Thousands of usages all kinds of stuff

And that includes forty-four ounce cups


I fill it half way up with Diet Coke

And top it off with brown liquor

Now I'll walk down Main Street and catch me a bus

Right up underneath the nose of the fuzz 'cause of


You gotta love styrofoam

I know I do

Some folks say Hey what about Mother Nature

It decomposes so slow

I'm no scientist all I know is this

Beer I'm drinkin' is so cold

Thanks to




So thank you Ray McEntire

Thank you Carl Munters

And thanks Steve Steve

The guy at the Kwik Sak