Something Entirely New (feat. Erica Luttrell & Charlyne Yi)


作曲:Aivi Tran,Steven Velema,Rebecca Sugar

所属专辑:Steven Universe, Vol. 1 (Original Soundtrack)

标签: 英语 原声


歌曲名 Something Entirely New

歌手名 Steven Universe/Charlyne Yi/Erica Luttrell

作曲:Aivi Tran/Rebecca Sugar/Steven Velema

Where did we go what'd we do

I think we made something entirely new

And it wasn't quite me and it wasn't quite you

I think it was someone entirely new

Oh um well I just can't stop thinking

So um did you say I was different

And you hadn't before

Of course not

When would I have ever

I'm so sorry

No no don't be

And now you're here forever

What about you

What about me

Well you're here too

We're here together