Down in the Alley(Single Version)

作词:The Clovers,j. stone


所属专辑:Love Bug

标签: 英语 R&B 灵魂乐


歌曲名 Down in the Alley (Single Version)

歌手名 The Clovers

Down in the alley just you and me

We're going bowling till half past three

Just rocking and reeling we'll get that feeling

Down in the alley oh baby gee

I plant you now and dig you later

'Cause you're a fine sweet potato

We'll have a ball and that ain't all

Down in the alley just you and me

The clock is striking a mournful sound

This time of evening my love comes down

That's when I'm missing your kind of kissing

Down in the alley and you will see

Down in the alley we sure have fun

We just get started 'bout half past one

So if you're 'round just come on down

Down in the alley that's where I'll be

Janie Janie Janie Janie Jane Jane