I Gave To You

作词:William Hart


所属专辑:Lose Control


歌曲名 I Gave to You

歌手名 Silk

Girl why don't you

Give our love our a chance

Girl why don't you

Why don't you

Just give our love a chance

I know that you done

The best that you could could

Give me your heart

If you could give me your heart

I know that you would would


And I can't say for myself

That I been good

But oh you're gonna love me baby love me

You're gonna need me

You're gonna wanna hold me

Baby baby squeeze me

For the love that I gave

To you

Baby for the love that I gave

To you


Hey baby

And I must admit

Your looking fine fine

Look in my eyes

But if you look in my eyes

You'll know that I've been crying crying

Yes you will

I don't wanna cry

Oh but this time I'm gonna be

So true

But ooh u gonna love me baby

Love me

I need u in the worst way baby

Need me

I want you to stay right here

Hold me

Baby baby squeeze me

Damn baby I just can't take it anymore

For the love love

That I gave

To you


For the love love

That I gave

To you

Put it right here baby

Why you wanna leave me lady

Ooh come on back

I know

That I gave me some baby gave me I had I get

Whatever you want from me girl to you

I'll prove to you how bad I want you to be mine

For the love I gave to you

You'll see umma make everything alright

Talking about baby

Baby I gonna have you