It's Still Free TC



所属专辑:Featuring Ty Dolla $ign(Clean)

标签: 英语 嘻哈


歌曲名 It’s Still Free TC

歌手名 Ty Dolla $ign

Yo so uh

When's the last time you talked to Jessica and Weldon

What's going on with them

What we doin'

Yo Angelos that's

He's back for me for the sake of Allah

He brought Jessica Jackson on board

And she's a real activist makin' changes

And laws and everything with Kim Kardashian

And they're takin' my case straight to Governor Gavin Newsome

He's over-progressive but recognizes the system is corrupt

He can commute my sentence just like that

Or the prison can release me

It's crazy that it's tooken this long


But we on our way there

It's all love