作词:Jonny Buckland,Guy Berryman,Chris Martin,Willchampion

作曲:Will Champi

所属专辑:Downtempo Classics

标签: 酒吧 摇滚 爱情 思考 英语 录音室版


歌曲名 Sparks

歌手名 Coldplay

作词:Chris Martin/Guy Berryman/Jonny Buckland/Will Champion

Did I drive you away

I know what you'll say

You say oh sing one we know

But I promise you this

I'll always look out for you

That's what I'll do

I say oh I say oh

My heart is yours

It's you that I hold on to

That's what I do

And I know I was wrong

But I won't let you down

Yes I will

I say oh I cry oh

Yeah I saw sparks

Yeah I saw sparks

And I saw sparks

Yeah I saw sparks

Sing it out