I Do

作词:Kenneth Ruffin,Donald Wolf,Brian Wilson,Ben Raleigh

作曲:Donald Wolf,Kenneth Ruffin,Brian Wilson,Ben Raleigh

所属专辑:The Two of Us


歌曲名 I Do

歌手名 Brook Benton/Amp//Dinah Washington


Do I love you with all my heart and soul

I do I do

Do I promise

I'm your's to have and hold

I do yes I do

Will you share the future come what may

Yes that's how it will be

Will your love grow stronger every day

You'll see yes you'll see

Mmm do I want you forever close to me

I do

Yes I do

Do I want you to rule my destiny

I do I do

Do you now make a sacred vow

To be to each other true

I do I do I do