Pleasin Paul

作词:Hank Ballard

作曲:Hank Ballard


标签: 流行 英语


Look What Thoughts Will Do - Lefty Frizzell

Written by:L. Frizzell/D. Dickerson/J. Beck

Once I thought I loved just you

And I thought you loved me too

But just look what thoughts will do

For today you say we're through

Now another wears the crown

And you think that you have found

Just what makes your world go round

Watch those thoughts they'll get you down

If within your future years

Your new love should bring you tears

Then you'll think of me I'm sure

But those thoughts won't help you dear

Thought I'd build a home for two

Just a home for me and you

Thought we'd have some kiddies too

But just look what thoughts will do

Now I know just how you feel

That your love was never real

Guess to you I don't appeal

So we'll just forget the deal

So goodbye and here's to you

And I'm happy through and through

Yes you thought that I'd be blue

But just look what thoughts will do