Kit Kat

作词:Demario Bridges,Harold Lilly,Daniel Gibson,Leikeli47

作曲:Demario Bridges,Harold Lilly,Daniel Gibson,Leikeli47


标签: 酒吧 爱情 英语 欧美 嘻哈 10年代 原创单曲


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Kit Kat - Leikeli47

Written by:Daniel Gibs/Leikeli47


I understand not every heart beats the same beats the same

You are lucky

When you find the one playing your song

Singing your name

Like an echo like an echo

You already know the tempo know the tempo

Just sing along just sing along

It seems all we ever do is fuss and fight

Leaving no leaving no room for love ya

I wanna go back to where we used to be

Where we used to be wo wo

When the only thing that mattered was love

Maybe we can start over again

Put the past in the dark and let the sun come in


Here's my peace offering to you

I hope

You like what me and you can do

Tonight I'll be your Kit Kat

'Cause I'mma break you off

Something nice


Wo yeah

Tonight I'll be your Kit Kat I'll be

'Cause I'mma break you off

Some something nice nice yeah

Wo yeah

Tonight I'll be your Kit Kat I'm a

I'm not saying I'm the best thing in the world

But tell me I don't love you down down down

Don't I make you

Feel good

Every time we go 'round


It's on and popping when I get home

Ain't no loving like loving after you've been gone

A long time

Tonight I'll be your Kit Kat

Let me be there

Let me care

Let me tie that do rag around your hair

Let me

Let me cater

Let me listen

Let me

Be everything baby that you're missing

Tonight I'll be your Kit Kat

I'mma be

On the front porch

When you walk in the house baby let's go

From the kitchen to the bed right to the floor

Yeah I want it but you need it so much more

Tonight I'll be your Kit Kat

'Cause I'mma break you off ho

Something nice

Yeah yeah

Yu yeah yu yeah yu yu yu

In perfect harmony yu yu yu

Soulful soulful and deep

I can feel it yu yu yu yu

Your heart playing my beat yu yu yu


Yeah yeah

Unique nique

Yeah tailored tailored

For you and me you and me