作词:Sydney Benn

作曲:Sydney Benn

所属专辑:Forever (Pt. II)

标签: 爱情 英语 欧美 R&B 当代节奏布鲁斯 10年代 派对


Gone - Snakehips

Champagne in my glass, polo on my shirt

New girl in my lap, she just got to work

She put on a show, keep it on the low

Just throw her a little dough, she get on the fours

She said "if you need that, I got it babe"

And I can put you on if you got it babe

Mango kush and orange juice, that tropical

I can take you to the spot if you want to smoke

Next thing I know I'm

In and out the zone

I'm gone, so gone

Babe, you got me there I'm

Floating in the air

I'm gone, so gone

Don't know what happened but baby I'm flying

I hope I'm not driving cause then I'd be dying

My body is trying to come back to life

But my mind is so left I can't get with the right

Cause I'm gone

Cause I'm gone

Cause I'm gone

Cause I'm gone

I think my drink was laced, now I'm wondering

I can't feel my face and I'm stuttering

Money on the floor, when she drop it low

She go up and down on the pole, she outta control

Ice, a little red with a dash of white

Hoping for the feds and the flashing lights

I was on the phone, next thing that I know

She brought the Henny and Patron, we took it home


I'm lost in dimensions

I'm out of resistance

I'm stuck on the planet

My body is sinking

It's higher and higher

And higher and higher

Cause I'm gone (8x)