Can Not Walk Away (Album Version)

作词:Beau Dozier,Samantha Jade

作曲:Beau Dozier,Samantha Jade

所属专辑:Tiffany Evans

标签: 纯音乐 R&B


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Can't Walk Away - Tiffany Evans

(Lyrics by MaxRNB)

Just when I'm saying whatever

Clean slate we're back together

We're just now see boy now I kno better

Oh oh ohh

Then we go losing our temper

I'm outro saying forget u

But I can't keep it moving and let u go

Oh oh ohh


I can't walk away from u

When I say we're through

Don't how u do me the way you do

I wish that I never met u

Cus I can't walk away from u

When I say we're thru

Don't know how I'm so damn in love wit u

I can't walk away from u

How many times did u say sorry

Just to turn around and say u don't want me

Flip it back back and spend a night callin

Oh oh ohh

And I got a be a fool to think ur gettin closer

Everytime we're cool ur tellin me that its over

And ur playin games even thou its old I know

Oh oh ohh

Just when I'm sayin its time to move on

Just when I'm tellin eveybody i'm gone

I gotta check myself

Cus the truth I can't be

Nowhere without u

Its all about u

Can't be wit noone if its not u

Baby what am I gonna do

I can't walk away from u

Wake up and make up

Wake up and break up

Do it all over again

Then we do it all over again