Aw Man



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Aw Man - Casey Veggies

You know when I know that I don't know where to begin

All these things we been through I can't pretend

You always on my mind me and you are much more than friends

I'm addicted to it I don't ever want it to end

Young black boy with a bunch of stamps on my passport

I had a dream and I took that I ain't ask for it

I prayed and prayed I hit my knees asked lord

Live inside the dirt put us over in the grass more

I'm lyrical and spiritual I live and grow

Got so big that now you just tryna let me go

Sh*t was all good just a week ago

Then you sent me that nine page letter

Like I don't think we should speak no more

From the belly of the beast but I made it to

A beach all the way in the middle in the ocean

Not a person in sight

It's the middle of the night and your body just start floating

I understand that you're outspoken

But some things you gotta let soak in

She from the hood but she hang in a different world

She got all types in her that's my type of girl

She a freak in the sheets but a lady in the streets

Baby you could have a baby in the lease

She pull up in sea detailed they can tell that's veggies' lady in the streets

Spent like 80 on a g she like minx so I buy her that chanel

She told me that she wanna do her hair nails

I told her that ain't nothing and I yelled

I'm that ni**a I'm that ni**a

He ain't it girl you might as well go pop that ni**a

What's a queen with no king messing with a bomb a** ni**a

Checkmate I'm bossed up I sign that ni**a

At times like this I don't know where to begin

This sh*t so real there's no way I can pretend

You said you would hold me down until the end

I love life but they say the end is near it's too late

The preacher asked me like what you choose this path for

No demons formed against me shall prosper

She yelling at me I'm like what you getting mad for

Bad sh*t tryna outweigh all the good things glad for

I'm in h-town dc first class course

I'm swagged up lil b task force

We dunking on 'em no we ain't touching no backboard

I wasn't getting to know her I was getting to know this cash more