Happy Feet Two Opening Medley(电影《快乐的大脚2》插曲)


作曲:Michael Tyler,James Mccants,Leroy Mccants,Richard Blue Mitchell,James Todd Smith,Gregory Jacobs,Simon Ratcliffe,Walter Morrison,William Collins,Nate Hills,James Harris Iii,Felix Major Buxton,Wade Robson,Sylvester Stewart,Pharrell Williams,Janet Jackson,Justin Timberlake,Michael Jackson,David Wolinski,Terry Lewis,Chad Hugo,Randy Jackson,Timothy Mosley,George S Clinton,Marlon Williams,Various Artists


标签: 激情 英语 嘻哈 动漫 电影 派对 原声 二次元


歌曲名 Happy Feet Two Opening Medley

歌手名 Pnk/Common/Benjamin Lil P Nut Flores Jr /Happy Feet Two Chorus

作曲:David Wolinski/James Todd Smith/Janet Jackson/Michael Jackson/Pharrell Williams/Simon Ratcliffe/Timothy Mosley/Various/Wade Robson/Chad Hugo/Felix Major Buxton/George S Clinton/James Harris, Iii/Nate Hills/Randy Jackson/Justin Timberlake/Michael Tyler/Richard Blue Mitchell/Terry Lewis/Walter Morrison/Gregory Jacobs/James Mccants/Leroy Mccants/Marlon Williams/Sylvester Stewart/William Collins

5 4 5 4 3 2

Penguins of the world unite'

Strength in numbers' we can get it right'

One time

We are a part of the rhythm nation

With Music by my side'

To break the other line'

Let's work together to improve our way of life'

This is the test'

No struggle' no progress'

Lend a feather'

Help a brother do his best'

Let's dance' let's shout' shake your body down to the ground'

Let's dance' let's shout' shake your body down to the ground'

Let's dance' let's dance

Mumber Sorry'

Lift your head up' cause you're a star'

Be strong boy you know who you are'

Papa said knock them out

Yeah' I'm gonna knock them out

Papa said knock them out' come on

Don't call it a comeback'

I've been here for years'

Rockin ma peers'

Puttin suckers in fear

I'm gonna take this itty-bitty world by storm'

And I'm just gettin warm

We're bringing fluffy back

Them other penguins don't know how to act

Kick it to the chorus

who's your fluffy uh

Shake ya tail

who's your fluffy uuuhhh

Watch ya self

who's your fluffy uuuhhh

we are a part of the rhythm nation

Oh' oh' oh' oh

ain't nobody ain't no body

loves me better loves me better

makes me happy makes me feel that way

makes me feel this way

ain't no body ain't no body

loves me better better than you

Nobodies better than you



Bili BiliBoom Wow BiliBoom Wow

Dybtal Dybtal Wow Dybtal Dybtal Wow

Boom bang Boom bang bang

Boom bang Boom bang bang

Boom bang Boom bang bang

Boom bang Boom bang bang

Do your thing make my body sing

we are the part of the rhythm nation

Chick a do your thing do your thing

scat do your thing

Do your thing Wa aaaaaaaaaaaa

I don't care what the people say

Gonna do my way' gonna do my way

scat do your thing

Gonna let it all out' do my thing with a

Boom boom boom and a bang bang bang

we are a part of the rhythm nation

Show me whatcha workin with

Do your thing' dance' let's shout

Do your thing' make my body sing'

Do your thing scatting

We are a part of the rhythm