Bus Rider (Album Version)

作词:Kurt Winter

作曲:Kurt Winter

所属专辑:The Essential The Guess Who


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Get up in the morning, get on the bus

Get up in the morning like the rest of us

Places to go, important people to meet

Better not get up or you might lose your seat

(Bus rider)

Leave the house at six o'clock to be on time

Leave the wife and kids at home to make a dime

Grab your lunch pail, check for mail in your slot

You won't get your cheque if you don't punch the clock

(Bus rider)

------ lead guitar ------

(Bus rider)

Grab the evening paper and sit down in your chair

Grab yourself a toupee 'cause you're losin' your hair

Doesn't matter what you do, you've nothin' to lose

I'm so awful goddamn glad I'm not in your shoes

(Bus rider)

(Bus rider) You know you'll ride it every single mornin' today

(Bus rider) Ride, ride, little man

(Bus rider) I don't wanna ride, no I don't wanna ride

(Bus rider) Get up in the morning, get on the bus

(Bus rider) Oh, little man ridin' upside down, yeah

(Bus rider) Mmm, no I don't wanna ride

(Bus rider)