作词:Steve Estiverne,Jarret Washington,Carlos Mckinney

作曲:Steve Estiverne,Jarret Washington,Carlos Mckinney


标签: 英语 R&B 驾车 电影


Yo, this goes out to all the Tameeka's, yeah

All around the world, you know who you are, I see you


Hey yo I might this shorty up on 125th

She was standing 5'4" with her hands on her hips

She had the clothes on, capris send it to the tip

Body when she walks, she pulled the keys to the whip

I was laughing in the Bentley when the stop-light changed

Thought I just might but 5-0 flipped the game

She looked at me as I made my way

As I rolled up I asked what's your name

(Chorus: Mario with Fabolous rapping along in background)

Tameeka, hot chick, what chick, got chick

Now she's about to blow your spot chick

Tameeka, you know the type that mom's don't want you hanging with

Tameeka, and if you gotta girl make sure she the one your bringing with

Tameeka, hey yo she ain't the one to be playing with


I talk black about things I do

Guess she could tell cause my rocks got blue

And every man ain't gotta different girl like you

Is he what, is he cool

But as I got a mess on the platinum two-way

Said she'd see me the Friday

Friday came and went

That was a week and I ain't seen Tameeka since



Meeka who could do you betta than the one you with

No more shoppin' on 1-2 fifth, you could run through Tiff's

Who else, you'd rather be in a V 1-2 if

Other than young F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S

I'm a hot kid, hot vid and I don't got kids

Benzs, Bentleys and they don't got lids

Meet me then you can say you know a roller

I don't tak to chicks unless it's through Motorolas

Plus the kid ain't the one to be playin' with either

Look at me and tell I have trouble stayin' with fevas

I be layin' with divas, and I don't like nothin' but

And not the one that be playin with beavas

It's something about the way your switch it shakes

The airbags almost came out when I hit the brakes

The others got Mickey-D's, I'ma get you steaks

My mom's hatin' tellin' me not to hang with you, for real

(Chorus x3 with Fabolous ad-libs)