Fair Warning (Mastered November 12, 2000)


作曲:Randy Bachman,Burton Cummings

所属专辑:Canned Wheat


Fair Warning(Remastered) - The Guess Who

作词:Randy Bachman/Burton Cummings

作曲:Randy Bachman/Burton Cummings

Well I've been trying for ages

And it looks like it's all in vain

And if things don't start looking up pretty soon

I'm going home

Well the folks back home they wonder where I've been

And they're looking pretty good to me now

So if you're thinking of bright lights and fame

Stay at home

For there's managers and booking agents

Out for what they can get

And each one says he's your friend

But there's not one of them there but for what he can get out of it

In the end

So if you're thinking of going on the stage

Put down your guitar stay in school

Take advantage of your age

Take it from me I've been there and I've come back

Don't be a star