The Makings Of You



所属专辑:Blue Lights In The Basement

标签: 酒吧 爱情 英语 R&B 录音室版 告白


歌曲名 The Makings Of You 歌手名 Gladys Knight+The Pips

作词:Curtis Mayfield

作曲:Curtis Mayfield

Add a little sugar honeysuckle and a great big expression of happiness

Boy you couldn miss with a dozen roses

Such would astound you

The joy of children laughing around you

These are the makings of you

It is true the makings of you

It been a miracle for what you done

Please stay right by my side two can be one

The righteous way to go

Little one would know or believe if I told them so

You second to none the love all mankind

Should reflect some sign of the words I tried to recite

They close but not quite almost impossible to do

Describing the makings of you