Simple Song

作词:Vincent Berry,Rodney Jerkins

作曲:Vincent Berry,Rodney Jerkins

所属专辑:Simple Song

标签: 酒吧 情歌对唱 爱情 英语 欧美 R&B 电视剧 10年代


Simple Song - Empire Cast

作词:Rodney Jerkins/Vincent Berry

作曲:Rodney Jerkins/Vincent Berry

Oh this is just a simple song

About everything I've lost

And everything that I've found again

Now I ain't been living' long

What I've seen has been so far away from what I was brought up in

Why have I been fakin' for

When it's hard enough to be in this world

Who we truly are truly are

I was so used to living' wrong

But now I know it ain't nothing'

'Cept a simple song

See I done hid for years y'all yeah yeah

But I'm so done hidin'

And if I were you I would find the time to find myself

Cause you don't know what life will do

What life will do

Oh but this is still a simple song

Of how hard this life could be

When you have nothing that you're living for living for

You can sing along cause I know you've been there

And your loving' loving' here

Oh I need you to sing along oh

On this simple this simple song