Liverpool Revisited

作词:Sean Moore,James Dean Bradfield,nick jones

作曲:Sean Moore,James Dean Bradfield,nick jones

所属专辑:Resistance Is Futile (Deluxe)

标签: 酒吧 摇滚 激情 英语 欧美 10年代


歌曲名 Liverpool Revisited 歌手名 Manic Street Preachers

作词:James Dean Bradfield+Nick Jones+Sean Moore

作曲:James Dean Bradfield+Nick Jones+Sean Moore

As I wake to a sunset

The light dances on the mersey

And I think of the 96

As the tears fall down on me

There is courage there is pride

You can see it in your eyes

Fight for justice fight for life

There are angels in these


As the night falls around me

I see joy and devotion

These times will never leave

Like the rain on the ocean

There is dignity and pride

There is poetry and life

There are ghosts within these stones

There's defiance in these


And all the hatred they tried to throw at you

But you stayed so strong

Yeah all the hatred it never was the truth

So keep keeping on

This is forever

We'll never leave you now

This is forever

We'll never leave you now