Sequels of Forgotten Wars

作词:James Dean Bradfield,nick jones,Sean Moore

作曲:James Dean Bradfield,nick jones,Sean Moore

所属专辑:Resistance Is Futile (Deluxe)

标签: 摇滚 激情 英语 欧美 跑步 10年代


歌曲名 Sequels Of Forgotten Wars 歌手名 Manic Street Preachers

作词:James Dean Bradfield+Nick Jones+Sean Moore

作曲:James Dean Bradfield+Nick Jones+Sean Moore

There will be no parades for the likes of us

The wars we fight are doomed to be lost

I've seen the reflections of my broken blood

The callous deception of never giving up

No stranger to the cause

No stranger to these wars

We dream no more no shock and awe

Nowhere to go for rock and roll

A blue screen for

A tribal heart

The sequels of forgotten wars

I twist and I turn towards apocalypse

I pose for effect before your deadly kiss

Echo echo in a chamber of purity

To a lip-synced moral maze soliloquy

No stranger to this cause

Still a stranger in these parts

Progressive thoughts for idle hands

Platforms for corrupted friends

A blue screen for a tribal heart

The sequels of forgotten wars

No medication left to take

Just defeat and the bitterest of tastes

A blue screen for a drama whore

The sequels of forgotten wars