How Long

作词:Sam Bentley

作曲:Sam Bentley

所属专辑:On the Train Ride Home

标签: 流行 思考 英语 欧美 安静 夜晚 独立流行 10年代


歌曲名 How Long 歌手名 The Paper Kites

作词:Sam Bentley

作曲:Sam Bentley

How long is it take

For I taken not to take

Anymore in what he means to make in what

How long will you be

Till they were saying as we're saying

Just enough to try in me

We'll let it move

How long will you with me

Let's talk there's who just listen

We can hear your feel in distance

In no cry

And how long we will scare

Make the chasers wonder why

Only in above tell you when it's too far away

How long will you sleep

Rather sway this way is straight

And you never place your feet anywhere

How long till its sun

Rains want too many times

And you throw you're came in storm

How you grown

And how long we've been in ration

What it sings we'll still missing

When it still can let me listen

If you try

It's been not so long in sunset

Took a planning cuz there's god