作词:Humberto Delosrios Iii,Svetha Rao,Troels Nielsen,Keon Brihm,Ali Yousaf,Hasrat Jaipuri

作曲:Svetha Rao,Keon Brihm,Humberto Delosrios Iii,Ali Yousaf,Troels Nielsen,Shankar & Jaikishan

所属专辑:The Come Up

标签: 电子 英语 欧美 10年代 派对


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No one sees the real

They think they know u only

But they lie

Wishing they out alone

And forgotten locked up in a cage

People change jealouses never die

Things they rearrange bridges burn

That's just life in ur darkest days see the light

From the bottom then u elevate

Pag ghungaru band meera nache re

Pag ghungaru