Ballad Of The Last Five Years



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Gary lives with Rosie

And Be Bop got something old and something new

I got something fine for you every minute now

If you wanna sit right down and stick it all right through.

They were gettin' tired of Johnny and all the big boys from N.Y.C.

They say "Jump on board pretty baby"

And I don't know but it seems like it might be a pretty good buzz to me.

They'll help you and they'll hurt you

You're asked to leave so much behind

They say forget about tomorrow

And concentrate on everything you know you're gonna find.

So move over red robin,

Have you got room for one more that just can't seem to win ...

There's no sense denying

That's your best reason on Earth for crying

Those days will never be 'round again.

There's Jackie and there's Brian

Then there's four, then there's five, and then a couple more

You be a good boy and don't drink too much I'll show you something, maybe one trick

Later on, maybe a couple more.

So step right up and put your music where your mouth is

The pretty boys can make room for one more that just can't seem to win

There's no sense denying that's the reason they found you crying

Your chance will never be 'round again.

But I'll help you in the meantime

Total up just what they're worth when they're gone

If you don't get it right the first time

I'll help you take one more crack at it much, much later on.

'Cause Gary lives with Rosie ...