所属专辑:Speakerboxxx/The Love Below(Clean)

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Tea's long

Tea's strong

Lastin' long vs long lastin'

Education however the difference between the two

Which do U live in yo'self

2 draw a master plan without a flaw

Somethin' lastin' long leaves a compromising position everything that isn't becomes questionable

Unbelieveable and becomes weak at some point done got the strength 2 blow and 2 hit jackin' this joint

Somethin' long lastin'

Big Boi & Dre the duo whose chemistry gave the potion a rare fate 2 Atlanta boys that came in2 this industry

For the same ol' boys 2 B OutKast raps an' OutBlast the peers of the game

Move with the groove an' don't let the smooth groove fool U

So it is believe in the dirty SOUTHERNPLAYALLISTICCADDILAC-funky-ATLIENS the kind that makes Aquemini

Big Boi & Dre presents OutKast

Now enjoy it


Signin' off A/K/A Possum Dre