Downtown (Down Low) (Down Low Wet Mix)

作词:Gina "Go Go" Gomez,Genard Parker,Kenny Ortiz

作曲:Genard Parker,Gina "Go Go" Gomez,Kenny Ortiz

所属专辑:The Downtown - EP


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Downtown (Jazzy Radio Mix) - SWV

Written by:Genard Parker/Gina "Go-Go" Gomez/Kenny Ortiz

Producer:Genard Parker/Allen Gordon/Jr. aka "ALLSTAR"

You've been wondering how you can make it better

Baby it's easy to turn my world inside out

Your discovery will take us to another place

Baby on that there is no doubt

I've been waiting for the special moment

Anticipating all the things you'll do to me

Make the first step to release my emotions

To take the road to ecstacy

You gotta go downtown

That's the way to my love

Take it round and round

Oooh you can't stop 'til you find my love

Go downtown to taste the sweetness

Will be enough

That's the love that you've been dreaming of

Keep on doing doing what you're doing

'Til you feel the passion burning up inside of me

If you do me right

We'll be making love all through the night

Until you uncover the mystery

Take it nice and slow

Baby don't rush the feeling

Now you know how you can make it happen yeah

My desire is begging for the healing

Let me guide you down to the place to be

That's where I keep the key to my love





Ooh you can't stop till you find my love

Baby don't you dare stop

That's the love that you been dreamin' of

That's the love you're dreaming of

Ooh you can't stop till you find my love

Don't you stop

That's where I keep the key to my love

It opens up the door to so so much more

Baby move on down get closer

To my sensitivity

Ooh yeah

Baby send me