Exactly Like You (1996 Remastered)

作词:Dorothy Fields,Jimmy Mchugh

作曲:Dorothy Fields,Jimmy Mchugh

所属专辑:Trésors Benny Goodman

标签: 爵士 英语 重新制作版


Exactly Like You(1996 Remastered) - Benny Goodman Trio

作词:Dorothy Fields/Jimmy McHugh

作曲:Dorothy Fields/Jimmy McHugh

I know why I've waited know why I've been blue

Prayed each night for someone exactly like you

Why should we spend money on a show or two

No one does those love scenes exactly like you

You make me feel so grand

I wanna hand the world to you

You seem to understand each foolish

Little scheme I'm scheming dream I'm dreaming

Now I know why mother taught me to be true

She meant me for someone exactly like you