作词:Aaron Booe,Joshua Huizar,Bryson Tiller,Teddy Walton

作曲:Aaron Booe,Joshua Huizar,Bryson Tiller,Teddy Walton


标签: 英语 嘻哈 派对 原创单曲


歌曲名 Blame(Clean)

歌手名 Bryson Tiller

作词:Joshua Huizar+Teddy Walton+Aaron Booe+Bryson Tiller

作曲:Joshua Huizar+Teddy Walton+Aaron Booe+Bryson Tiller

Yeah ayy yeah ayy

Ayy ayy yeah ayy

Ayy ayy yeah ayy


Say I didn't love you you know a nigga loved you

Did you forget to mention

All the things I did for you times I made a trip

'Cause I know you hate the distance

Baby it's alright (It's alright)

Go ahead and take your time

But you gotta make your mind

Make your mind up ooh

Girl it's on you to tell me what you wanna do


Tell me no tell me somethin' tell me is it someone

See you playin' with pronto must know somethin' I don't uh

Can't keep explainin' myself feels like I'm drainin' myself

I guess there's no one to blame but myself

Got a big Henny cup I'll drink it with help

I'm taintin' myself I'm ashamed of myself

I've been praying for myself like you used to

Embracin' myself like you two

I know things is different your name is different

And as strange as it is I'm okay with this

And I can't say it different never even met him

Can't hate the nigga although I hate the feelin'

I gotta-

Although I hate the feelin' I gotta face the feelin'

I gotta feel that shit

Bury the feelin' kill that shit

The only way to heal that shit you know

They won't hear a nigga talk that shit

As trill as this as real as this

I'm feelin' like I still got this

I give you more or somethin' until that's it