Painting Her Fingernails

作词:Shel Silverstein

作曲:Shel Silverstein

所属专辑:Great American Saturday Night

标签: 乡村 英语


歌曲名 Painting Her Fingernails

歌手名 Bobby Bare

作词:Shel Silverstein

作曲:Shel Silverstein

She's painting her fingernails

waiting for something to happen

Listening to love songs and

watching the clock on the wall

She could fix a cheese sandwich

but someone might ask her to dinner

So she's painting her fingernails

waiting for someone to call

There's a torn yellowed photograph

stuck in the edge of the mirror

By the Raggedy Ann doll she played

with when she was a child

There's a top dresser drawer filled

with jewelry pills and old letters

And she's painting her fingernails

dreaming of Paul Newman's smile

On her desk is the macrame

she started back last December

And the bright gilded Christmas card

he sent her three years ago

So she stretches her legs in an exercise

she's been neglecting

Painting her fingernails hoping

that grey doesn't show

In the fridge there's what is left of last

Wednesday night's candle light dinner

On her neck is the love mark

he left her to prove he was there

And she should call the dentist

and take her red coat to the cleaners

But she's painting her fingernails

wondering if anyone cares

Then it dawns on her

the telephone just might be out of order

So she picks it up hears the tone

and sets it down again

Hell there's lots of other men

And if she has to she can always call a friend

She undresses seductively in front of Johnny Carson

And smiles goodnight to

the bullfighter there on the wall

And she crawls into bed knowing

that this time tomorrow

She'll be painting her fingernails

waiting for someone to call

She'll be painting her fingernails

waiting for someone to call