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标签: 英语 嘻哈 电影 派对


Intro (Explicit) - Outkast

Written by:Unknown

Ah yes

Well I myself

Larry Oliviae

I'm a method actor

And I studied at the prestegious school

Of Julliard and you know

I feel as if you know

The rappers and the musicians

And what not get into acting

You know you know

It's disrespecting the craft

I feel as if

You know

They're taking jobs from us

From us trained actors

And I feel as if they should just leave

It to the pros

Man shut your ass up

You telling me if you made a song

And it was gym

We ain't 'posed to listen to it

Man these boys got opportunity man

Let them do they thing

And why you talkin' like that

Ain't you from Bankhead


I heard that that

Idlewild sh*t gonna be fire

I'mma be there on Friday

And where yo P***y ass gonna be nigga

Tryna get some work

Think you Denzel or somebody

Did I just hear yall say that new

Outkast movie come out on Friday

Yeah shawty

Hell yeah I'm gone be there

And who this f**k n***a is

Anyway who he supposed to be

I don't know that nigga

See that's how niggas get jumped

He better watch his mouth

Talkin' 'bout actin'

He need to act like he got

Some sense up in this b**ch