D Boi (Interlude)



所属专辑:Speakerboxxx/The Love Below(Clean)

标签: 英语 嘻哈


歌曲名 D-Boi (Interlude)

歌手名 OutKast

作词:Not Applicable

作曲:Not Applicable

Time to be hanging out with the D-Boi's

You know your a D-Boi

Because someone frightin something like havin two daddies

One time my home boy frighted me a 8 ball at 3 oclock

And at 4:30 he wanted the money back

He rob me all the time man

How you gonna frightin me somebody an frightin you

He ain't no real real hustler the dude shootin at both of us

He ain't gettin you a quarter pound til we coming up

A real D-Boi you know you gotta get you own work

You don't get harry your own supply

Til later on at night I gotta drop of 'bout 30 keys

Car keys