作词:Bruce Springsteen

作曲:Bruce Springsteen

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Fire - The Pointer Sisters

作词:Bruce Springsteen

作曲:Bruce Springsteen

I'm riding in your car you turn on the radio

You're pulling me close I just say no

I say I don't like it but you know I'm a liar

'Cause when we kiss Oooooh fire

Late at night you're taking me home

You say you wanna stay I say I wanna be alone

I say I don't love you but you know I'm a liar

'Cause when we kiss Oooooh fire

You had a hold on me right from the start

A grip so tight I couldn't tear it apart

My nerves all jumping acting like a fool

Well your kisses they burn but my heart stays cool

Well Romeo and Julie Samson and Delilah

Baby you can bet a love they couldn't deny

My words say split but my words they lie

'Cause when we kiss

Oooooh fire

Oooooh fire

Kisses like fire

Burn me up with fire

I like what you're doing now fire

Touching me fire

Touching me burning me fire

Take me home