Live And Learn (Remastered 2003)

作词:C. Brennan

作曲:C. Brennan


标签: 酒吧 摇滚 激情 英语 欧美 80年代 重新制作版


歌曲名 Live And Learn(Remastered 2003)

歌手名 Clannad

作词:C. Brennan

作曲:C. Brennan

Can't you feel the change

in a different way

When you listen

Like standing in the cold on a rainy day

It didn't really matter

Had no choice you had it your own way

You live and learn

It was just a shame on another day

You know we kept on missing

So try and try again

No it's not in vain

You live and you learn

Heard that voice

Now do it your own way

You live and learn

It's what you have to say

you just say anyway

Only space that matters

Taking in the rays

Holding out the pain

So you live and you learn

Take that choice

To have it your own way

So you live and learn