Of This I'm Sure

作词:Bennie Benjamin、Sol Marcus

作曲:Sol Marcus,Bennie Benjamin


标签: 爵士 英语 散步


歌曲名 Of This Im Sure 歌手名 Nina Simone



I can't explain the fallin' rain

Say when the sun will shine again

I only know I want your kiss

Of this I'm sure

I never miss the moon's bright light

The magic of a starry night

It's just your lovin' arms I miss

Of this I'm sure

(Come back come back

Come back to my heart)

Oh oh what good am I without you

(I cry and cry

'Cause we are apart)

I need you so

Darling I do

Uncertain as some things can be

I know that you belong to me

I also know that we'll endure

Of this I'm sure