Pretty Maid


作曲:Mantra Mindware


标签: 流行 英语 散步


歌曲名 Pretty Maid 歌手名 Clannad



It was on a fine summer morning

The birds sweetly tune on each bough

And as I walked out for my pleasure

I saw a maid milking a cow

Her voice was so enchanting melodious

Left me quite unable to go

My heart it was loaded with sorrow

For the pretty maid milking her cow

Then to her I made my advances

morrow most beautiful maid

Your beauty my heart so entrances

sir do not banter she said

not such a rare precious jewel

That I should enamour you so

I am but a poor little milk girl

Says the pretty maid milking her cow

The Indies afford no such jewel

So bright so transparently clear

I do not add things to my funeral

Consent but to know me my dear

Oh had I the Lamp of Aladdin

Or the wealth that gold mines can bestow

I rather be poor in a cottage

With the pretty girl milking her cow