Exactly Like You

作词:Jimmy McHugh,Dorothy Fields

作曲:Jimmy McHugh,Dorothy Fields

所属专辑:Jug (Remastered Version)

标签: 流行 英语


I used to have a perfect sweetheart

Not a real one, just a dream

A wonderful vision of us as a team

Can you imagine how I feel now

Love is real now, it's ideal

You're just what I wanted

And now it's nice to live

Paradise to live

I know why I've waited

Know why I've been blue

Prayed each night for someone

Why should we spend money

On a show or two

No one does those love scenes

You make me feel so grand

I want to hand the world to you

I hope you'll understand

Each foolish little scheme I'm schemin'

And dream I'm dreamin'

Now I know why mother

Taught me to be true

She meant me for someone