I'm Begging You



所属专辑:Great Hits, Vol. 1

标签: 酒吧 爱情 英语 蓝调


歌曲名 I'm Begging You

歌手名 Lightnin' Hopkins

作词:Sam Hopkins

I'm begging you

Baby with tears all in my eyes

Yes I'm begging you

I'm begging you darling

Baby with tears in my eyes

You don't seem to know baby and

You don't seem to realize

You know I give you all my money baby

And all my time too

I just want to ask you one question

What else do you expect me to do

When I done done everything in the world

That I know to do

Out of all I done

Woman I can't get along with you

I'm going to have someone else talk to you

Ask them what must I do

She used to write me a letter

She used to write it everyday

Now since she left home her love done turned away

I guess I'm going to have to find

Someone else to lie with me

Why that woman treated me so bad

Woman I can't see