Even If I Don't




标签: 流行 爱情 思念 英语 驾车


歌曲名 Even If I Dont

歌手名 Rachael Yamagata

I miss you

Most in the morning

Most every morning

I wake up thinking

I could call

I could come visit

I could come running

We could relive it

But when I think of all

That we've been through

Going back to you seems

Such a foolish thing to do

I hope you know

That even if

I don't I wanted to

All those words

You said at the ending

Were pretty revealing

And I can't forget them

All those ways

We missed at connecting

Despite all our trying

it always came back to

What I couldn't give you

So when I think of starting up again

Or trying to be friends

It seems impossible to do

I hope you know that

Even if we can't I wanted to

Who knows why

two people perfectly aligned

Should ever have to

Find themselves apart

I'll never understand my heart

I miss you most in the morning

Most every morning

I wake up crying