The Same One

作词:Clyde Otis,Belford Hendricks,Brook Benton

作曲:Frank Thayer

所属专辑:Rainy Night In Georgia


歌曲名 The Same One

歌手名 Brook Benton/Amp/Dinah Washington


The same one you walked away from

The same one that you made cry

That same one is begging

Please give our love another try

The same one you said you needed

The same one who needed you

That same one is lonely

Please mend the heart you've broken in two

Although you're fickle hearted

Darling I will forgive

Cause I knew the day we parted without you

I could not live

The same one you played a game with

The same one who gave his all

That same one is waiting

Completely at your beck and call

The same one the same one

The same one the same one

I'm the same one the same one the same one