Is Christmas Only A Tree

作词:Mark Rebek

作曲:Mark Rebek

所属专辑:Christmas With Bing Crosby

标签: 流行 圣诞 英语 夜晚


歌曲名 Is Christmas Only a Tree

歌手名 Bing Crosby

Is christmas only a tree

Just only snow

And candle glow

And dear old parlours hung with mistletoe

Is christmas only a tree

Just frosted air

And angel hair

And christmas carols ringing everywhere

I seem to see

Beyond the tree

To where the angels sing

Hosannas ring

To heaven's king

And then at last my heart is answering

Is christmas only a tree

The answer is from long ago

Wherever there's a tree

My heart'll know

And when christmas church bells ring

My heart will know