I'm Always Chasing Rainbows



所属专辑:Just Always

标签: 爵士 英语 欧美 伤感 翻唱 夜晚 人声爵士(Vocal Jazz) 60年代


歌曲名 I'm Always Chasing Rainbows

歌手名 Tony Bennett

作词:Harry Carroll/ Joseph McCarthy

作曲:Harry Carroll/ Joseph McCarthy

what Have a Why I always been a failure

What can the reason be

I wonder if the world is to blame

I wonder if it could be me

I'm always chasing rainbows

Watching clouds drifting by

My schemes are just like all my dreams

Ending in the sky

Some fellas look and find the sunshine

I always look and fine the rain

Some fellas make a winning some time

I never even make a gain

Believe me

I'm always chasing rainbows

Waiting to find a little bluebird

In vain