(Ah,The Apple Trees)When The World Was Young



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Frank Sinatra

When The World Was Young

It isn't by chance I happen to be a boulevardier the toast of Paree

For over the noise the talk and the smoke I'm good for a laugh a drink or a joke

I walk in a room a party of all come sit over here somebody will call

A drink for monsieur a drink for us all but how many times I sat and recall

Are the apple trees blossoms in the breeze that we walk among

Lying in the hay games we used to play while the rounds were sung

Only yesterday when the world was young

Wherever I go they mention my name and that in itself is some sort of fame

Come by for a drink we're having a game wherever I go I'm glad that I came

The talk is quite gay the company's fine

There's laughter and lights and glamour and wine

And beautiful girls and summer's been mine but often my eyes see a different shine

Are the apple trees sunlit memories where the hammock swung

On our backs sweet lie looking at the sky till the stars were strung

Only last July when the world was young