Hot And Cold



所属专辑:Johnny Cash The Outlaw Volume 3

标签: 流行 英语


Hot and cold hot and cold

That's what it takes so I've been told

Cold and hot cold and hot

That's what it takes 'cause it takes a lot

Gimme hot

And now cold



Hot and cold man I'm sold

I'm skimming a little bit of that rock and roll

Go cold

Rock and roll rock and roll

I can't stand still not to save my soul

Roll and rock roll and rock

That kinda rhythym would stop the clock

Gimme rock

And now roll

But now hot

And now cold

All together now hold on tight

'Cause the winds gonna do it up right tonight

Stone cold

Hot and cold man I'm sold

Roll and rock please don't stop

Now we're going let's go go go everybody

Go go go man go go go