The Wicked Man

作词:J. Arrington

作曲:J. Arrington

所属专辑:Christmas Cat

标签: 酒吧 爵士 英语


歌曲名 The Wicked Man

歌手名 Jerry Butler

作词:J. Arrington

作曲:J. Arrington

I see a house with dream girl

A house full of children

But where is the husband

She did wait

I heard him comments

But we're breathing out marry

That he was gonna love her

Until they were there

Oh I allowing to roll on

But some little philly

And where they've gone boss

The lord only knows

That he didn't left

Yes he has that house full of children

Oh without food and wearing worn out clothes

All the girl share ribs heart

For all the little children

She worked so hard boys

But a weapon she get

She gets a broken heart

Yeah and I saw all these

And our hands getting rough

It got sore of from the fall and slept

Oh all I wanna leave here

I know he's gonna realize

And he'll come running

Trying to apologise

You know what it means

Yes he will to be broken hearted

And he'll come begging

But tears rolling his eyes

And a house with dream girl

I know she's gonna take 'em back

Because her children

Will be need him so bad

And what is a home

What is a home without a mother

Tell me how can we make it

Oh we'll have a heart within there