Tiny Girls

作词:Scott Weiland,中川あゆみ

作曲:Scott Weiland,中川あゆみ

所属专辑:The Idiot


歌曲名 Tiny Girls

歌手名 Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop: Well the day begins

You don't want to live

Cause you can't believe

In the one you're with

Cause you know her tricks

And you know her past

When she makes a face

You just have to laugh

And you feel like such a know it all

When you only want just a tiny girl

And you hope shell sing

So you turn around

Toward the tiny girls

Who have got no tricks

Who have got no past

Yea thats what you think

And you hope shell sing

But she sings of greed

Like a young banshee

And she wants for this

And she wants for that

What did you think