My Honey Is Loving Arms (1999 Remastered)

作词:Joseph Meye

作曲:Joseph Meye

所属专辑:The Complete RCA Victor Mid Forties Recordings

标签: 酒吧 爵士 英语 重新制作版


歌曲名 My Honey Is Loving Arms (1999 Remastered) 歌手名 Duke Ellington And His Orchestra+Ray Nance+Duke Ellington

作词:Dave Crawford+Luther Dixon

作曲:Dave Crawford+Luther Dixon

I love your loving arms

They hold a world of charms

A place to nestle

When I am lonely

A cozy morris chair

What kind of chair

One caress happiness

Seems to bless my little honey

I love him more each day

When years have passed away

He'll find my love

Belongs to him only

Cause when the world seems wrong

He'll know that I belong

Right in my honey's loving arms